Emma-Catherine Wilson has articles published in New Medieval Literatures and Florilegium

Oxford DPhil student Emma-Catherine Wilson has recently had two articles published. The first, 'Heraldic Handbooks and the Discourse of Chivalric Allegory: The Case of the Eltham Challenge Letters of 1400,' was published with Florilegium and examines a curious set of thirteen allegorical challenge letters associated with King Henry IV’s Christmastime festivities at Eltham Palace in 1400 as well as the five heraldic handbooks in which these letters survive. Emma-Catherine says: 'It is my research for this article that inspired me to work on late medieval heralds for my doctoral dissertation.' This article was published on March 7th and can be viewed here


The second article, 'Richard de Bury’s Philobiblon, Translatio Studii et Imperii, and the Anglo-French Cultural Politics of the Fourteenth Century,' was published with New Medieval Literatures and grows out of Emma-Catherine's master's thesis on the theme of translatio studii et imperii (the transfer of knowledge and martial power) in late medieval England. This article argues that late medieval English courtiers and intellectuals were invested in the myth of translatio, the consonance between knowledge and power, and universities as sources of cultural capital. This article was published on March 12th and can be read here. read here


Emma is also giving a public lecture on Wednesday 20th March to the Heraldry Society in London on the topic of her doctoral research. The lecture will take a broad perspective on the social status of late-medieval English and French heralds. More information can be found here.