Our Training Programme

The OOC DTP training programme has been developed around four interlinked and themed strands:

  • Core: enhancing existing personal and professional development schemes and generic and employability skills training;
  • Future Humanities: equipping students with the skills of new and developing arts and humanities research and enabling engagement with innovative ideas in research and practice;
  • Expanding Horizons: engaging students with emerging technologies and interdisciplinary research, looking beyond the traditional approaches and boundaries of arts and humanities;
  • Engaged Communication: enhancing students’ abilities to communicate and share their research with diverse audiences both within and outside the academy.

You can explore upcoming training on these themes by browsing the listings in the grid below. Please note that in order to attend OOC DTP training you will need to register through Inkpath

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  • Postgraduate Online Research Training

The School of Advanced Study, part of the University of London, have developed a series of online training opportunities, which are open to all.

Their online research skills training has been created for postgraduate researchers in the humanities as part of the School’s national remit to facilitate and promote research.

You are welcome to explore their courses here.


  • Digital Humanities: Humanities research in the digital age

If you don't know your digitisation from your AI, or born digital from open access, this new free course in Digital Humanities is for you. You don't need to be able to code, programme or perform computational wizardry to become a digital humanist, and arguably all humanists of the future will be digital, so why not get a head start and demystify Digital Humanities now?

The course is perfect for those starting their Digital Humanities journey and who may be intimidated by the terminology and technology. Designed and developed by leading digital humanists at the Open University, Oxford and Cambridge for Open-Oxford-Cambridge AHRC DTP students, this course will introduce you to key concepts and methodologies to help your target your research, study and training.

Find out more here.




Please follow the below links to find IT courses and training at your institution.


The Open University

Oxford University

Cambridge University


SAGE offer a wealth of research methods resources on their website. Users can search for answers to research methods and statistics questions, and filter resources by discipline and subject area.


Explore the SAGE Research Methods website here.