Collaborative Doctoral Awards 2020-21

Collaborative Doctoral Awards (CDAs) are doctoral studentship projects which are developed by a university-based academic working in collaboration with an organisation outside of higher education. They are intended as a way of facilitating collaboration with a diverse range of external partners, including smaller, regional partners, and spreading capacity for partner organisations to work with universities in focused, mutually beneficial ways. CDAs provide important opportunities for doctoral students to gain first-hand experience of work outside the university environment and enhance the employment-related skills and training which a student may gain during the course of their award.

Each of the three universities in the Open-Oxford-Cambridge DTP is fully supportive of, and experienced in, supporting collaborative doctoral projects. The ambition of the DTP is to build on this solid foundation and each year to have available to applicants a number of CDA opportunities.

If you are interested in applying for one of the CDAs offered by the OOC DTP, please email the university supervisor in the first instance. You are encouraged to consider how you would approach the project outlined in the advertisement, and how you might shape it to fit your academic interests, experience and skills. If following discussion with the CDA supervisor(s) you decide to apply, you will need to follow the standard application procedure for the institution that is hosting the CDA.

A list of CDAs available for 2020-21 entry at each institution is provided below.

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