Collaborative Doctoral Awards

Collaborative Doctoral Awards (CDAs) provide studentship funding for doctoral projects that are developed in partnership with an organisation outside of higher education. Enabling collaboration with a diverse range of external partners, CDAs foster links that may have long-term benefits for both partners, as well as social, cultural and economic benefits to wider communities. For doctoral students, CDAs offer an opportunity to gain professional experience outside the university environment and to develop and enhance their skill set.

Each year the DTP will advertise a number of CDA opportunities alongside the main studentship competition. Eleven CDAs were awarded for a 2019/20 start, ten for 2020/21, eleven for 2021/22, eleven for 2022/23, and thirteen for 2023/24.

Prospective students

The studentship competition is now closed for 2024/25 entry.


Please note:

Candidates should submit only one application to the OOC DTP in any one year. You may apply to either the CDA or the standard route competition. If you apply for funding through the CDA competition, you may apply for only one of the advertised projects.