Before applying for an Open-Oxford-Cambridge AHRC DTP studentship, please ensure that you meet the eligibility requirements set out by the Arts and Humanities Research Council. 

Residency requirements

Any prospective doctoral student wishing to study at a UK research organisation, including international students, is eligible for studentship funding from UK Research and Innovation (UKRI), including the Arts and Humanities Research Council. Awards to international students are limited, however, and will not normally exceed 30% of the total awards in any one year.

All UKRI-funded doctoral students are eligible for a full award, comprising a stipend to support living costs and fees up to the home rate. The DTP partners will cover the gap between the home and overseas fee rates for international students.

This is a change in the criteria and will come into force for the start of the 2021/22 academic year.

Fee status

The university via which you apply is responsible for assessing your fee status; the Open-Oxford-Cambridge AHRC DTP team cannot advise you on this. For further guidance, please see the relevant university webpages:


More information about fee status assessment is available on the UKCISA website. UKCISA is a national advisory body that provides general guidance on international student issues. Please note that UKCISA does not carry out assessments of individual circumstances.

    Academic criteria

    You should normally have, or be studying for, a Master’s degree or similar postgraduate qualification. If you are studying for a Master’s degree or similar postgraduate qualification, you should have met all the course requirements prior to the start date of the studentship.

    If you do not have experience of formal postgraduate study, you may be eligible for a studentship if you can demonstrate evidence of sustained experience beyond undergraduate degree level that is specifically relevant to the proposed research topic, and could be considered equivalent to Master’s study. For academic eligibility please check the admissions criteria for your course.

    Subject area

    The Open-Oxford-Cambridge DTP supports discipline-based projects in all of the subjects covered by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC), but also welcomes interdisciplinary research and research in emerging fields of study and creative practice. Your primary research topic and course of study must fall within the subjects supported by the AHRC. These are broken down into three core areas:

    1. Histories, Cultures and Heritage - Archaeology, Classics, Cultural and Museum Studies, Development Studies, History, Information and Communication Technologies, Law and Legal Studies, Library and Information Studies, Philosophy, Political Science and International Studies, Theology and Divinity and Religion.
    2. Creative and Performing Arts - Dance, Design, Drama and Theatre Studies, Media, Music and Visual Arts.
    3. Languages and Literature - Languages and Literature and Linguistics.

    For further information on the disciplines and sub-disciplines that fall within each of these areas, please see the AHRC's website. If you remain unsure whether your proposed doctoral project and course of study fall within the remit of the Open-Oxford-Cambridge AHRC DTP, please discuss with your prospective supervisor in the first instance.

    If you have already commenced study

    If you have already started doctoral study at one of the consortium universities, you may be eligible for an Open-Oxford-Cambridge AHRC DTP studentship providing that, at the start of the award, you would have at least 50% of your period of study remaining. Further information on how to apply as a current doctoral student is available here.