Training and Researcher Development

The Open-Oxford-Cambridge DTP will deliver world-class training and skills development for students, drawing on the distinctive and complementary specialisms of each institution’s research and training environments. Resources include the expertise of more than 1,800 scholars in the arts and humanities, the Oxford and Cambridge libraries and museums, and The Open University’s unrivalled experience in online training.

To ensure that our training evolves dynamically and responsively, students and staff will have a range of opportunities to shape new provision and to define, develop and deliver innovative research-led training. We believe that students in particular are often best informed about new ideas and advances, and that collaborative research practice is often the best mode of training.

The training will incorporate a strong international element, building on our extensive network of existing overseas collaborations to offer academic exchanges with existing partners and encourage our students to initiate new ones. We will provide unrivalled language learning opportunities in over 150 languages, and develop new culture and language immersion courses abroad, as well as UK-based pre-departure workshops to equip students for periods of study and work abroad. We will also hold an annual international student-organised conference.

The training will be developed and delivered in close collaboration with our three strategic partners. They will offer experience and resources in specific areas (communication, heritage and technology), organise visits, sponsor placements, and run projects and workshops with our students and faculty in areas of mutual interest. Students will thus learn how to collaborate in both academic and non-academic contexts and to adapt their approach and skills accordingly. We will also work with a wide range of other partners, external and internal (our university presses, for instance, can offer placements in the UK and abroad), involve our students in the development of online training, and co-organise personal and professional development events for our students and partners’ staff.

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