What support is available?

If a placement is unpaid, you may apply to the DTP for an extension to your studentship for the duration of the placement; if it is salaried, you must intermit or suspend your studentship. In both instances, your thesis submission deadline will be extended. Students may also apply to the DTP for reasonable additional costs associated with undertaking a placement, e.g. for accommodation or travel.

Studentship extensions for unpaid placements

The AHRC allows award holders to apply for an extension to their studentship equivalent to the duration of the unpaid placement, up to a maximum of three months full-time or six months part-time. You will remain enrolled at your university but will not be expected to progress your thesis while working on the placement. Students in receipt of a full award from the OOC DTP will continue to receive stipend payments for the duration of any unpaid placement. Students in receipt of a fees-only award are eligible to apply, but the DTP can only award an extension in terms of university fees and submission deadline. Fees-only students are advised to get in touch with the DTP team in the first instance so that we can enquire whether institutional co-funders may be able to support an extension to your maintenance grant if the placement is approved by the DTP.

Please note, you may not extend your submission deadline beyond four years of study (or the part-time equivalent). If you have previously been awarded an extension to your studentship, there may be restrictions on the duration of any further extension. If you are ineligible for an extension to your studentship, you may still be able to apply to the DTP for support to cover the additional costs associated with undertaking a placement.

Associated costs

You may apply to the DTP for additional financial support if the location or nature of the placement means that you need to travel or live away from your normal place of residence. The funding available for such support however is limited and you will need to justify the costs in terms of the anticipated benefit to your professional development.

Funding for associated costs through the placement scheme are normally in the range of £250 - £1000.

If you are awarded funds to support your placement, you should keep all receipts, invoices and other financial evidence before, during, and after your trip or activity. If original receipts are for any reason unavailable, you should keep a written record of expenditure, including date, purpose and amount.