Maral Attar-Zadeh convening a discussion series on music and cognitive science

Maral will be convening a fascinating discussion series (and producing an adjacent podcast) on music and cognitive science at CRASSH starting in January, entitled 'Distributed Cognition and Music: Listening with and beyond the body'.

Distributed Cognition and Music

This event series aims to reflect on how distributed models of cognition apply to, and change our perception of, musical engagement. Growing interest in music-making practices outside the normative, and ideally sterilised, settings of the concert hall and the studio has already highlighted the extent to which ‘musicking’ creates living, distributed assemblages out of performers, listeners, instruments, and architectural spaces. In each session of the series, the academics, performers, and practitioners interviewed will share their reflections on the way the language and insights of distributed cognition engage and enrich models of aural encounter in fields like music performance, environmental studies, history, religious studies, and literature.

Click here for the first (virtual) discussion session of the series.