New online course in Digital Humanities

If you don't know your digitisation from your AI, or born digital from open access, this new free course in Digital Humanities is for you. You don't need to be able to code, programme or perform computational wizardry to become a digital humanist, and arguably all humanists of the future will be digital, so why not get a head start and demystify Digital Humanities now?

The course is perfect for those starting their Digital Humanities journey and who may be intimidated by the terminology and technology. Designed and developed by leading digital humanists at the Open University, Oxford and Cambridge for Open-Oxford-Cambridge AHRC DTP students, this course will introduce you to key concepts and methodologies to help your target your research, study and training.

OpenLearn Course Description

In this free course, Digital Humanities: Humanities research in the digital age, you will learn how the digital transformation of our cultural heritage and our daily lives is changing the way Humanities scholars conduct their research and share it with the world. This course will introduce you to the growing area of scholarship known as ‘digital humanities’ and explain its relevance to the study of the past and of the present.

You will learn about the opportunities offered by the growing availability of digital data and about the challenges of using it ethically and responsibly. You will become familiar with core concepts of digital research such as digitisation, metadata, ‘big data’, the FAIR principles, data wrangling, qualitative and quantitative analysis and knowledge infrastructures.

While this course will not teach you how to use specific tools or programming languages, it will provide you with a good theoretical foundation upon which you can build more specialised skills in areas that complement your Humanities interests. Above all, through this course you will develop your critical thinking skills and apply Humanities perspectives to interrogate the digital data, tools and methods you encounter in your life as a researcher, user and creator of digital technology.


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