OOC DTP virtual co-working sessions launched

Beginning in May 2021, a group of OOC DTP students will be hosting regular co-working sessions on Zoom. These will vary slightly in length and structure, but all will involve opportunities to break up periods of solo focused work with chat breaks and a chance to get to know fellow OOC students. The organising group have found this kind of setup really helpful for concentration and accountability during the open, self-directed working life of the pandemic, and this will also provide the opportunity for some much-needed human contact!

OOC DTP students are welcome to drop in as regularly or sporadically as you wish, and there will be an accessible session on Fridays (tailored to the needs of those attending).

If you are interested in attending and would like to receive a weekly email with the schedule and Zoom links (or if you'd like to host a session yourself), please email saw67@cam.ac.uk to be added to the list.