Zoë Marriott launches a new blog, 'The Eddying Flight'

Zoë Marriott’s research is in Creative Writing, and seeks to use the canon of contemporary timeslip novels to explore how ‘Romantic’ depictions of subjective and non-linear time may be linked to modern ideas in theoretical physics about how space-time truly functions.


The newly launched blog, An Eddying Flight – which takes its name from Rossetti’s poem ‘Sudden Light’, a piece which is thematically central to Zoë’s research – is a place for Zoë to engage the wider public in discussion about various aspects of her research, to document her journey to a PhD as a first generation university graduate, and to focus on Creative Writing as both an artistic and academic endeavour.


Creative writers and creative writing teachers, budding academics, seasoned post-graduate researchers, and anyone who is interested in higher education or writing, are welcome to join Zoë’s ‘eddying flight’ to a doctorate, and to take part in weekly creativity kickstart sessions on the blog each Thursday.


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