Contextualising Knowledge Exchange

About the Workshop

Knowledge exchange brings together academics, users of research and wider groups and communities to exchange ideas, research, expertise or skills. It includes a broad range of activities such as research, partnerships, curriculum development and work placements. In this workshop we will look at different approaches to knowledge exchange and how to maximise the potential of your research outcomes. We’ll look at different stages of your PhD and how to identify intended outcomes, beneficiaries and partners.

As arts and humanities researchers, we will carefully consider what types of knowledge and skills we have to offer, to whom, and what types of ideas, research, expertise or skills we are looking for in exchange and how we would use these to improve the depth and quality of our research as well as our understanding of how our research can generate research impact. We’ll look at different forms of research impact using arts and humanities examples, and consider ways to increase the impact potential of knowledge exchange. Using graphic glucard™ tools you will identify opportunities for knowledge exchange relating to your own research and start to map out ideas for shared outcomes, potential partners and beneficiaries. And we’ll look at a range of approaches and solutions to common issues.

This workshop will be delivered by Sabina Strachan of How2Glu.

Sabina will explore with you to:

  • Understand different forms of knowledge exchange and how they relate to research impact
  • Identify what kinds of knowledge exchange could be developed through your arts and humanities PhD experience and how to progress these ideas
  • Understand different forms of research impact and how to optimise these through knowledge exchange activities
  • Identify ways to progress your knowledge exchange ideas and develop/enhance activities such as partnerships and placements to maximise research impact

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