Open Access for OOC DTP students

About the session

Are you baffled by open, confused by embargoes? Does the mention of the colour gold or green catapult you into a realm of perplexed irritation? Has someone mentioned offhand the open access requirements for AHRC funded researchers?

Come to this session, where we’ll break down open access and all its many jargon terms, confusing publishing structures and outline the advantages you can reap by publishing open while remaining compliant with AHRC requirements.


Explaining OA

  1. What is open access?
  2. Why should you publish open access?
  3. Creative commons licences
  4. Where to look for open access and creative commons material/media


A short break

Implementing OA

  1. Useful tools to assist you in publishing open access
  2. UKRI policy and requirements
    1. Articles
    2. Thesis
    3. Monographs
  3. Depositing your thesis
  4. Where to get more information and help
  5. Time for questions

To register

Please book via Inkpath if you wish to attend, by 12 noon on 30 October 2023.