Getting Published and the Research Excellence Framework (REF): 2024

About the session

Academic research published by staff at UK universities is periodically entered into a Research Excellence Framework (REF). This national exercise involves panels of academics rating the ‘originality, significance and rigour’ of submitted research and funding is allocated to universities accordingly. But what do doctoral candidates looking to prepare themselves for lecturing or research positions need to know about the REF process? What are the attributes of research which is likely to be rated highly in the REF and are there tensions between the demands of the REF and intellectual curiosity/academic freedom? Join Dr Helen Coffey (Open University) and Professor Paul Lawrence (Open University) as they discuss their experiences of the REF and the submission of publications across Arts & Humanities disciplines. This session will take the form of a 20 minute conversation, after which audience members will be invited to ask questions of our guest speakers.

OOC DTP students from all year groups are very welcome to register to attend. This will be of interest if you are looking to explore the REF process for the first time, and equally if you have prior knowledge of the framework and wish to ask more specific questions.


Registration details

Please register via Inkpath if you wish to attend.