Heritage Pathway - Workshop: Agile objects: object-based learning

About the session:

Why teach with objects? What affective and educational potential do objects hold? 


In this session, we discover why teaching with objects can be so powerful. As our speaker Jim Harris (Ashmolean) has stated: ‘It focuses attention, deepens inquiry and opens up unexpected avenues of exploration. It connects [us] with the material world surrounding [our] studies and enables the sideways glance that can illuminate a whole academic discipline.’ Jim has also stressed that objects can be a valuable starting point, and through them, we can discover ‘the hidden networks of meaning and association they embody. Objects are the complex output of complex humans.' This session will demonstrate the agility of objects in fostering inspiring, interdisciplinary and inclusive teaching practices.


To register:

OOC DTP students at Oxford University are welcome to register via the booking link. OOC DTP students at the Open University or Cambridge University, please email training@humanities.ox.ac.uk to reserve a space.