How 2 Collaborate mini programme 2023: Workshop 2 'Maximising collaborative studentship outcomes'

About the programme

This 2-month programme will help you to achieve your intended partnership outcomes using collaborative approaches and by developing your skills, capabilities and confidence.
The how2glu approach is practical, responsive and action-oriented. Using accessible methods, glucard™ visual tools and resources and supported by coaching and peer learning, you will create successful strategies to manage and develop relationships and achieve your intended outcomes. Your training facilitator will create graphics in real-time during workshops to demonstrate tools and capture your findings.
The programme has three main components: 1] x2 online workshops, 2] a coaching session and 3] self-assessment tool.

The cohort will come together over two online workshops:

1. Introduction to collaborative working

2. Maximising collaborative studentship outcomes


About workshop 2: 'Maximising collaborative studentship outcomes'

Focus: how to identify shared outcomes and collaborative opportunities and how to use a facilitative approach to build relationships and overcome challenges. We will focus on the principles of a collaborative approach and how to identify and work towards shared outcomes. We will look specifically at the difference between leading a project or solution and facilitating one and identify strategies that will enable you to adopt a more facilitative role. We’ll work through a glucard™ method for identifying the root causes of the issues you are trying to solve collaboratively and we’ll reframe conflict as challenge and consider the role of challenge in effective collaboration.

Important information

Please note that if you wish to attend this workshop, please ensure you attend Workshop 1 'Introduction to Collaborative Working'

To register

Please register via Inkpath to secure your place at this workshop.