How to get the most out of your Training Needs Analysis and Inkpath 


By the end of the workshop, participants will:

1) Attain a general knowledge of Inkpath sufficient for them to use the platform for the purposes required by the DTP.
2) Understand the skills framework used by the DTP.
3) Understand the purpose of the TNA exercise, both for their own development and for DTP planning.
4) Complete (or complete a portion of) their TNA.
5) Understand the skills audit and activity record outputs from Inkpath and how they can share them.
6) Know how to use Inkpath’s goal-creating functionality to set themselves a development plan for the coming year, referencing their TNA.

About the session

Refresh your knowledge of Inkpath with this online workshop, taking the opportunity to complete your Training Needs Analysis in a supported setting. Inkpath is the gateway to the training run by the Doctoral Training Partnership, and by the end of this workshop you will be confident in using it to discover, navigate, and track your development. Moreover, you will create a plan of action for the next year in the DTP: if you want to get the most out of your first year be sure not to miss out! You can read more about Inkpath at


Please download and log in to Inkpath prior to the session. Please make sure to add the DTP to your profile. If you need support please email

To Register

To book your place on this training session, please register via Inkpath. This session is primarily intended for OOC DTP students in their first year of doctoral study, but students from other year groups are welcome if space allows.

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