Introduction to Text Analysis

Training providers: Dr Francesca Benatti and Dr David King (Open University)

Details: Tuesday 1 February 10.00-12.00 GMT and Thursday 3 February 10.00-12.00 GMT

About the training

“Distant reading” has become a common buzzword in the area of Digital Humanities, but what does it mean to read texts with the help of computers? Is the human(ist) reader relinquishing control to a machine or using it to uncover details that are otherwise invisible? 

This workshop will introduce participants to the main issues and debates on computer-assisted text analysis. Participants will also consider critical perspectives on the use of digital texts and the tools currently available to study them. 

No knowledge of programming is required and participants will be using tools accessible from their internet browser for the practical component of the course, including the Voyant and CLiC online platforms.

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