Measuring Knowledge Exchange

About the Workshop

This workshop focuses on the principles of planning knowledge exchange and research impact and the steps for monitoring, refining and implementing your plan.
We will focus on how to create an evaluation framework for your research, what kinds of qualitative and quantitative data will help indicate or prove that your research is delivering/will deliver good quality knowledge exchange and achieve research impact, and what methods you can use throughout your PhD to gather relevant data. Arts and humanities approaches are traditionally curiosity-driven, which can make it seem counterintuitive to develop or overlay solution-oriented drivers that generate economic, societal, cultural or environmental benefits. Therefore we will reflect on arts and humanities examples, identify and practise accessible processes and make time for Q&A.

The workshop will help you create change statements and identify proportionate indicators and show you that, when planned alongside a PhD or project, evaluation also enables you to continually improve your research strategy, adapt your approach to enable higher quality knowledge exchange and greater impacts, and help develop sought-after transferable skills. In particular, we will look at how evaluation applies to different facets of your PhD experience, including placements and internships.

This workshop will be delivered by Sabina Strachan of How2Glu.

Sabina will explore with you to:

  • Practice creating measurable change statements and proportionate indicators
  • Identify what kinds of data are required and what methods you can use to measure KE and progress towards achieving research impact
  • How to approach your PhD experience to maximise opportunities to achieve research impact
  • How to maximise opportunities to exchange knowledge and develop research impact through placements/internships
  • How to review experiences and gather data to articulate KE and research impact

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