Using Inkpath to develop your goals and your career profile


By the end of the workshop, participants will:
1) Refresh their general knowledge of Inkpath.
2) Understand the skills audit and activity record outputs from Inkpath and how they can share them.
3) Create a rich record of their activities within and beyond the DTP, ready for translation into their CV or funding/job applications.
4) Know how to use Inkpath’s goal-creating functionality to set themselves a development plan for the coming year.

About the session:

Due to current circumstances the job market is going to be more competitive than ever. And even if you are not going into the world of work next year, or if you have a good role already in place, having a rich record of your achievements at your fingertips is going to be invaluable. As a DTP researcher you will have been building your skills and experience but how often have you taken the time to reflect on this and capture it? And have you formed this into a plan of action quite yet?
This online workshop will refresh your approach to Inkpath, helping you to create goals for the coming year and giving you some dedicated time to reflect on your activities and turn them into that rich record (before all is forgotten!).


Please download and log in to Inkpath prior to the session. Please make sure to add the DTP to your profile. If you need support please email

To register

Please book your place at this session via Inkpath. This training event is open to all OOC DTP students.

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