Quebec House

Placement Details

Location: Flexible – work can be carried out in the London office or in Kent, but can mostly be done remotely


Duration: 3 months full time/ 6 months part time

Start Date: Flexible, to be decided between the student and the placement host

Deadline for Expressions of Interest: Sunday 19 June 2022

Placement Description:

The National Trust is offering a research opportunity for a student interested in exploring the Battle of Quebec of 1759 from a First Nations perspective. Your research will inform future cataloguing and interpretation.

Quebec House is a National Trust property in Kent. It was the childhood home of General James Wolfe, who led British troops to victory, a significant moment in the Seven Years War. His death at the battle, as imagined by Benjamin West, became one of the defining images of the era and shaped his legacy.

The presence of the First Nations figure in West’s ‘The Death of General Wolfe’ has been extensively discussed by scholars. This should inform your research, but the focus of this placement is more specifically on the Battle of Quebec itself, from a First Nations perspective. Which of the diverse First Nations peoples were involved, why and how? What is known of the relationships between them and the British and French? What first-hand accounts survive? In terms of legacy of the battle, what is the perception of First Nations people on the battle/Wolfe today?

Skills, knowledge or experience needed:

  • An MA or higher qualification in History
  • Able to communicate complex information in an inclusive and accessible manner

To apply:

To express interest in this placement, please email your CV and a brief supporting statement to by Sunday 19 June 2022.