Crowdsourcing in the Digital Humanities

We are pleased to announce a training session for OOC DTP students, which accompanies the OOC DTP online course in Digital Humanities. This training is designed for students who have completed online course. Those who are interested in the training session but have not finished the course may still register, but please make a note within the comments section in Inkpath so that we are aware.

Crowdsourcing in the Digital Humanities by Professor David De Roure

Date: Thursday 21 October

Time: Zoom sessions from 9:30 -10:30 and 11:30 – 12:30. The hour in between the Zoom sessions will be for you to either try out the project Professor De Roure has set up and/or other Zooniverse projects, or you can choose to have a go at setting up a project of your own.

Location: Zoom


Please register via Inkpath by 5pm on Wednesday 20 October, to receive the Zoom links.

About the session

Crowdsourcing enables a research project to engage “the crowd” (e.g. public participants) in a task, such as classifying or annotating images, or transcribing text.  This relatively new technique has been used to support research across a wide range of disciplines, from astronomy to humanities. This workshop explains crowdsourcing by example, enabling you to try humanities crowdsourcing projects and see how to set one up, and discuss when and where these techniques could be most effective in your digital humanities research.

Resources required

All that is needed is a Web browser, to access If you are interested in setting up your own small crowdsourcing project as an exercise in the break (or afterwards), you could use a few images perhaps relating to your area of interest (these would need to be freely shareable, such as images from Wikimedia Commons).

To register

Please register via Inkpath by 5pm on Wednesday 20 October. The Zoom links will be sent to you once the registration window has closed.